aye, what is this place? @thycommodore hosts a small but respected podcast about DAOs & governance called 'armada dao'. stay in the loop with the podcast, sign up for emails, dig deeper.

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  • how will DIDs + credibility intersect to impact DAO governance?
  • how are DAOs rewarding community members for their contributions?
  • how to evaluate the value created by contributors in order to fairly compensate them?
  • how transparent are DAO treasuries across the board? are budgets transparent and accessible to community members?
  • when it comes to open-source protocol ecosystems funded by DAOs — what & who defines success?
  • at what scale do most DAOs operate (active members effectively coordinating?)
  • have we actually seen any DAO projects trying to actively engage the community beyond giving out tokens and hoping they'd vote?
  • should token holders be rewarded for voting?
  • what level of crypto-operational acumen is present? are they comfortable with the safety of their process? do teams need training resources?

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want to chat? building in the governance space & looking for angels?